Excess androgens

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excess androgensAlso, LH stimulates theca cells of the ovaries to secrete androgens; however, there is no feedback regulatory loop that controls androgen secretion in women. Azziz R, Slayden. Headquartered in Schaumburg

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Where are androgens produced

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where are androgens producedThe clitoris is, therefore, androgen responsive. Table an Plasma Concentrations of the Major Androgens in Normal Premenopausal Females. 54 In certain instances of hirsutism and male pattern baldness, there is

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Too many androgens

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too many androgensI seem to have less interest in sex now that I'm older. Standard-dose birth control pills, which contain 35 mcg of ethinyl estradiol, may be preferable in these circumstances to

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Define androgens

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define androgensWhat is known about testosterone therapy and womens sexual function? The dilemma that doctors face is that there is a lack of long-term studies to back up its use in

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Male androgens


male androgensGeneral Information from MedlinePlus (5 links). Dhtr deficiency dihydrotestosterone receptor deficiency, additional Information Resources, medlinePlus (4 links). Androgen receptors allow cells to respond to androgens, which are hormones (such as

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