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First practise for a few months with this model and then opt for the heavy rackets once you are ready for them! Serves, i found the racquet to offer good

access to spin and pace on serve. As I stated the racquet is supposed to be quite flexible. I think the Wilson Pro Tour BLX is more suited to a flatter hitter than someone who prefers to hit a spinier ball. Home/ET Gear, reviews wilson, pro, tour, bLX. The string pattern is 1619. Potterpoker94: is this raquet still available to buy? . Length:.5 inches /. Wilson has recently come out with their newest line of racquets, which they are calling the. The Rebel will feel softer, more comfortable and offer a bit more control. Harrison Underdown: how would you compare this to the blx surge? The wait is over and, wilson has released his new stick of choice to the public as the, wilson, pro, tour, bLX. Kjking326: I'm set on the blade 16x19 any way to drop the power? This is because the Wilson K Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket has been made keeping in mind all those people who have learnt tennis or are still are at the learning stage and require more practise in the sport. For volleys and other shorter swings, the racquet provides stellar touch and control while adding just enough mass to punch the ball away. Wilson is famous for their various technologies of Wilson tennis rackets like Wilson Pro Staff, Wilson juice, Wilson Ultra, Wilson Steam, Wilson Six. Wilson, bLX, pro, staff Six. Potterpoker94: is this raquet still available to buy? When I hit the ball off center or found myself hitting on the run or from a defensive position, the racquet offered more forgiveness then I usually get with a players stick. This is a racquet that rewards those who can really add their own weight to every shot.

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It is a delight both for buy oxandrolone 10mg the players as well as the spectators alike. String Pattern: 16 mains x 15 crosses, for those seeking better results in their games now, two current models stand out. Head Size: 118. I found the cosmetics of the racquet to steroids shopping near be appealing. I found this new grip to turinabol stack with sustanon 300 steroids be very comfortable in the hand and offer a firmer feel with the comfort of a cushion/synthetic grip. Head Size: 112. I dont hit my backhand with as much spin as my forehand and I found it easy to rip the ball crosscourt and down the line. The wilson Four BLX Tennis Racquet The wilson Four BLX Tennis Racquet is yet another piece that has players swooning over the design and style. I love how the bright yellow jumps out with the rest of the racquet being black. Their BLX technology and other recent developments, added to their long history and proven pedigree, mean that Wilson truly is one of the best manufacturers of quality tennis racquets in the world.

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The light weight of this frame makes it great for net play as well. Length :.5, strung Weight:.8 oz/305 g, balance: 4 pts. This tennis racket is one of the most popular ones in the market. Wilson BLX tour limited 95 (2) size 4 3/8 and 4 1/4, used, but great conditon. Here, are some specifications of this racket. Length: 27, strung Weight:.3 oz/320 g, balance: 2pts. I think this is also something a little lead tape could fix. Flat serves were enjoyable with the extra pace the racquet had to offer.

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If I were to play with the racquet I would add some weight to give it a more stability and a little more weight to my topspin forehand. If you are looking for a firm feel with lots of control and spin, go with a full bed of poly like RPM, Luxilon ALU Power or Volkl Cyclone etc. Overall conclusion, overall, I really supplement enjoyed play testing the Wilson Pro Tour BLX. I was able to spend a few good hitting sessions with this stick, and here are my thoughts. I was really able to hit the ball aggressively and go for my shots without worrying about hitting long. I use (Main)X-One 52lbs (Cross)BB Rough 50lbs and now I want to change my string! The dense string steroids pattern offered delicate touch on drop shots and volleys. As for those people who like a little more heft in their stick, this racquet is definitely worth a look, as I feel with some weight this could be a really impressive offering from Wilson. Length : 27in /.58cm Strung Weight :.6oz / 357.2g Balance : 8 pts HL Swingweight : 327 Stiffness : 65 Beam Width:.5mm /.5mm /.5mm / String Pattern: 16 mains x 19 crosses. The company has a diverse and interesting history, drawing its first roots from the Swarzchild Sulzberger Company, a meat packing business with plants in New York, Chicago and Kansas. Though it might be a bit hard for casual players to move this bat around, it is definitely a treat for the professional ones and even though it is a bit heavier, the experience is like no other. In / 722.

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A lot of this hype is because of the tours newest young star, Juan Martin del Potro. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket. On the forehand wing I was not as impressed. Length:.25 in /. Tennis Warehouse: Even though you went with a softer string on the crosses, due to them be so much shorter I would have dropped the tension on the crosses to two pounds lower than the mains. The Pure Storm will feel just slightly heavier because it's not as head light as the Rebel, but it will have better plowthrough and a little bit more pop. Conclusion So, now that you have read about the different kinds of Wilson rackets and the styles of game that they are more suitable for, take your pick and get yourself a brand new tennis racket today!